top 5 recharge sites

Top 5 Recharge sites in India

Recharge sites are becoming quite popular as they provide a bevy of incentives to users who use them. The average age group of any individual varies from as low as 17 to 34, which implies that the young audience are more attracted towards these sites. Also as the age is getting digital , more and more people want their bills to be paid online. Anyone can pay any bills at any point from anywhere in the world, that’s how the technology is updated.

There are more than 1000 recharge sites which you find while you google, but this are the most popular ones with a huge user base in their hand. The following list is a top 5 recharge sites list and contains my own personal list and it can differ from person to person.


1)Freecharge :-

Top 5 Recharge sites in India

I would say the best one in the list, well-known for its amazing,fast and easy UI stands number one is Freecharge.
The Site was founded by kunal shah in 2010 for providing all sorts of recharges varying from mobile recharge to data card to electricity.The company quickly went become a wallet solution. The company was acquired by snapdeal and now has its own freecharge payment gateway for merchants offline and online, merchants include shoppershop,snapdeal etc.


2) :- Top 5 Recharge sites in India

The company was founded by vijay shekar sharma as a recharge solution but now is a house of solutions.
It has quickly grown into its own e-commerce marketplace and also has its own payment gateway solution promptly named paywithpaytm. As it offers everything at one place, paytm is known to be the all time favorite of over 100+ million users.The company is known for its new features and new experiments, which the company won’t shy from.


3)Mobikwik :-

Top 5 Recharge sites in India

Next in the list is a mobile wallet giant with over 30 million+ users (Atleast the company claims so!)
The company was launched in 2009, when a startup bubble in india was at its infancy stage. The company started with mobile recharge and quickly made parallel integration with other types of recharges like gas bills, electric bills etc.The company also provides its own payment gateway services to various merchants along with its parent company Zaakpay.


4)Talkcharge :-

best Recharge websites in India

Would probably call it the underdog in the list and the most recent one.
The site is very simple and would remind you of how freecharge website used to look in its infancy.The Site is fairly new , starting in september of 2015, still has many problems to tackle with its userbase. The company offers similar things like others do such as coupon codes and much more when you use its service.


5) :- best recharge sites in india

The oldest one which hasn’t quite changed its layout and I would say as the only one which has ads on its site.
The Site will remind you of websites that were made in 2012 as it looks like they haven’t changed anything from then. The site is although is bad in shape but does it what promises for which is providing recharges for various networks. I have included this in-spite of cons is solely because of its prompt customer service.



This is a list which was prepared with my opinion, what do you think of the list? Do you also have the same thoughts? If yes share this article and help us spread the word and if know then comment down below your favorite list of top recharge websites in india.

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