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Things people hate about online shopping.

Online shopping has made its way into our everyday lives. It’s been a while since online shopping had set its foot on the web and since then the number of people shopping online has been steadily increasing. Though shopping online has a lot of advantages & benefits which people love, but there are some drawbacks & disadvantages as well which people surely don’t like about it.

Below we have mentioned some points which people are not so fond of when it comes to online shopping.


Waiting Period:

The no.1 thing which people hate most about online shopping is the waiting time.You have to wait for a few days before you can have your hands on the product or item that you ordered online. It’s not your typical shopping where you go to the store, pick whatever you want and use it right away as soon as you pay for it.

You have to go through those few painstaking days while the product is being shipped and delivered to you. It depends on the service of the website, seller& the courier company how fast they bring the product to your doorstep. Though nowadays many top ecommerce websites have started offering 1-2 days delivery option if you’re willing to spend some extra bucks for the convenience but it’s still one of things which you will have to bear when shopping online.


Relying on virtual details:

The second thing that is kind of a drawback is that you can’t check the quality or other aspects of a product that you can otherwise do with your traditional shopping. There is no real world experience such as touching or trying the product yourself when it comes to shopping online.

You have to rely on the product image, description and review from other users who have purchased it earlier to get an idea about how the product will turn out to be and there are scenarios when people receive damaged, faulty or even fake products. Though you can surely claim a refund or get the product exchanged if you’re not satisfied with its quality but still, the process is time consuming & a bit of hassle to say the least.


Price Fluctuation:

There’s another thing that’s been going on nowadays which is price fluctuation on products. No fixed pricing is there on products as the websites keeps introducing new offers & discounts to lure customers which results in heavy fluctuations in price. Those people who were unaware or had missed their chance to buy the product during the offer period have to pay the original price which is often double the amount than the offer price.

Customers feel cheated & gets disheartened because of this as the prices keep on changing without any prior notice. Also a lot of time the product gets out of stock suddenly and there is not information whatsoever as to when it will be available again.


According to me, these are the top crucial things that people dislike about online shopping. Do share your thoughts & opinion in the comments section below and let me know if I’ve missed any point that you think should have been mentioned. Also check out our article on things shopper loves about online shopping if you would like to know what people love about online shopping.

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