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Zepo vs Shopify – Which one is better to start e-commerce store?

If you’re considering to open an E-commerce website, there are many platforms which can help you to start a great E-commerce website on your own. One of the simple ways of to create an online retail store is by using online store creators such as and


Both these sites have a variety of features and packages that are vibrant, attractive and user-friendly. This means that anyone with a nearly decent knowledge of computers and the internet can use these facilities.

From helping them setup stores to payment gateways and logistics support, everything is managed by these online shop creators.But the major point of difference between all is the features each platform provides and at what cost.

Let’s compare both Shopify and Zepo in terms of pricing, features, user-interface, payment & shipping


Shopify and Zepo both offers a variety of pricing options.

Shopify offers monthly payment options starting from a basic package at roughly around Rs.2000/month to Rs.20,000/month for advanced & unlimited access.

While Zepo also has a variety of payment options starting from a basic package roughly around Rs.2000/month to an unlimited package of Rs.10,000/month.

Both Shopify and Zepo also offer a free 14-day trial, which gives the user a chance to judge the platform based on the usage and performance.


Both sites have a wide range of features and services that ranges from how to run your store in terms of payments, apps, to make running the store popular and so on. They offer a variety of features such as file storage, products, gift cards, customer support and more, depending on the package you choose.

Both Zepo and Shopify has inbuilt services such as email notifications, integrated social media marketing and SEO friendly CMS and support. Both offers Facebook stores and mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. When it comes to features, they are pretty much the same.

3.User Interface

Shopify and Zepo both have a step by step guide to help you start. Each site has features which help you understand every aspect of the process, from how to run your store to customer payments and so on.

Although each feature is described in detail with examples on both sites, Shopify has a simple visual style to it which makes it much easier to navigate. Shopify explains that to have a beautiful storefront and they do understand the importance of presentation in the age of online shopping. While Zepo has a basic and user-friendly interface.

4.Payment and Shipping

While running an online business you have to be very careful when it comes to payment and shipping products. You want to keep customer happy by providing reliable payment and ensure them that will get products on time.

Both Zepo and Shopify offer payment options with a number of credit cards to choose. Shopify also has services such as multiple languages, taxes and currencies. Unlike Zepo, they do not offer cash on delivery as an option as they face issue while selling in the domestic market.

What do you prefer if you want to start an online store? Let us know in the comment section below.


At-last it boils down to the personal preference of the person using the different platform. If you are one such person who wants to offer COD option to your clients and also have a minimal layout on your storefront, then go for Zepo.
But if you want your store to be as stylish as possible with as much templates and don’t want to go through the hassle of COD then Shopify is your way to go option.

Let us know in the comments down below, which platform do you use? and Why?

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