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Best tips to save money while shopping online in India.

The Online shopping Industry is booming in India from the past few years and more people are starting to switch towards online shopping as its more convenient, hassle-free and time saving. Not only this, you can save a lot as well. Below we have mentioned a few tips that you should definitely try out when shopping online to help you save money and find the lowest prices available. These are the ways to save money while shopping


Use Comparison Websites:

Using a price comparison website lets you find the best price available online with the help of their price analysis tool, price comparison engine, filter and other useful features which compares prices, features, availability and other criteria’s to help you find the best deal for the product you are looking for. Check out our article on comparison websites to know more about it.


Use Cashback Websites:

What’s better than shopping for your favorite item and getting some of your money back while doing so? Cashback websites does exactly the same thing. You just have to go through a link from a cashback website instead of directly going to the online retail store and you will receive a percentage of the total price paid for the product in terms of cashback. It’s as simple as that. The cashback percentage varies from site to site but overall the system is the same. You can check our article on top cashback websites to know more about it.


Use Coupon Websites:

This is one of the most popular and well-known technique to save money while shopping. Coupon websites offer discount coupons and promotional codes for promotional purposes on their website for various online retailers & brands. You can use these codes on their website and get amazing discounts& offers while shopping for your favorite product. Some of the websites have tie-ups with online retailers and they offer exclusive coupons & deals which you won’t find anywhere else. You can find coupons for your favorite websites on SaleBucks or you can check our article on top coupon websites in India to know more about top coupon website.


Use Price Alert & Abandon cart trick:

Apart from all these techniques, you can also use the price alert feature offered by many comparison and cashback websites where you can set it to alert you when the prices drop for your favorite products. You can also use the abandon cart trick, where you add items in your shopping cart and leave it there without checking out. Most likely the website will send you an email with a reminder for your abandoned cart where they include additional discounts & offers for you to purchase the products in you cart. You can take advantage of it.


According to me, these are some useful tips & tricks that you can use while shopping to save money. Do share your thoughts & opinion in the comments section below and let me know if I’ve missed any point that you think should have been mentioned in this article.

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