Amazon Prime Finally Comes To India, Here’s All You Need To Know

The top e-commerce giant Amazon has finally launched its premium service in India. Yes you guessed it right! Amazon Prime has finally been launched in India and it is a service that will surely prove beneficial if you regularly shop from Amazon.

Many people were waiting for this service since long as Amazon has already been providing it in countries like UK & US from a long time but they didn’t announce when it’ll be available in India. The good thing is that after a long wait it’s finally here and will make the loyal customers of amazon happier than ever.

We’ll tell you everything about what Amazon Prime India has to offer and should you use it or not. Check out the article below.


What is Amazon Prime and should you subscribe?

With an annual subscription fee of Rs.499 (Limited Time Offer), you can become a prime member of Amazon and enjoy unlimited free one-day and two-day delivery options to over a hundred cities and there’s no minimum cap on orders.

amazon prime early access

That means you don’t have to pay the additional Rs.100 every time you opt for the one day delivery option and there will be no additional charges for orders below Rs.500. Apart from this you’ll get early access to lightning deals which offers great discounts on specific products for a limited period of time 30 minutes earlier than the regular customers and you’ll be the first one to view the best deals every day.

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Amazon Prime - Look for prime logo

Although not every product or item will be eligible for the Prime benefits, users will have to look for the Prime logo which will be visible next to the products for availing the benefits. Amazon has integrated a separate filter called the Prime logo filter which will help users to view which items or products are eligible for the service.

Being a Prime member you’ll have the benefit of Amazon fulfilled on every product that you purchase so customers can be assured that they will have the same quality check and great packaging from Amazon as expected.


Amazon Prime’s Current Special Offer:

As of now Amazon is offering a 60 day free trial to its users so customers can try it out themselves and see what it has to offer and whether the service is worth investing in or not.

However, we do recommend users who are loyal amazon customers as well as people who regularly shop with amazon for subscribing to the service as it is a very lucrative offer and the price is not that high as compared to the services offered.


amazon prime video

Upcoming Amazon Prime Video Subscription :

In the near future, Amazon is also going to launch its popular streaming service called Prime Video which will be updated regularly with exclusive content and users will be able to view Bollywood and other regional movies and TV shows from US as well as some new Indian shows.

There are many more things to be included which hasn’t been announced yet since the service has not been launched in India.

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